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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you bring your own table and chairs for Face Painting?

Yes! We will always bring our own equipment needed for face painting unless otherwise stated. 

My personal kit is a Craftngo which converts from it's "suitcase" form into a "table" and I always bring two chairs with me.


What are 'glitter applications'?

In our Silver and Gold Party Packages we offer 3 types of biodegradable glitter (Pink/Gold, Green/Blue and Rainbow) which is applied to the face or arms with a home-made, skin-safe aloe vera based gel.

We love adding a bit of extra sparkle to parties!
*Please note that this is not "Face Painting" or "Glitter Tattoos"

What are 'glitter tattoos'?

Our glitter tattoos are created using vinyl stencils, ProsAid (a skin-safe adhesive) and biodegradable glitter. They are a type of temporary tattoo that can last anywhere from 3-7 days if taken care of.

They are water-proof so are the perfect face painting replacement for parties where the kids are going to get wet!

We have a large variety of designs to choose from so there's something for everyone!

We even have black glitter for those who want it to look like a real tattoo...BUT SPARKLY!

We can apply, on average, 20 glitter tattoos per hour.
*Please note that glitter tattoos will not be applied to faces due to increased skin sensitivity. 


What is "Giant Bubble Play"?


When we mention Giant Bubble Play, we are referring to our 'hands on' station where your guests can make their own bubbles with our help! We will set up several trays of our home-made bubble mix in a semi-circle with an artificial grass mat (or towel) in the middle for the wands. The two different kinds of wands we have are our famous string wands to make giant bubbles and a variety of different plastic wands to make lots of smaller bubbles (these are perfect for younger children as the string wands take a fair bit of coordination to use).

Things to take into consideration when booking Giant Bubble Play:

- Will there be any children under the age of 3 involved? If so, please note that constant parental supervision is required as the bubble trays, while shallow, tend to attract small children to take baths in them and/or tip them out (trust us, it isn't fun for anyone)

- We highly recommend grassed, outdoor areas, otherwise the ground will quickly become a slippery safety hazard!

- The weather will impact the quality of the giant bubbles. If it's too hot, too cold or if it's too windy the bubbles will pop before they have a chance to stabilize and form...unfortunately this is not something we have any control over but must be taken into consideration. However, the plastic wands are still great in less than ideal weather situations so there will still always be bubbly fun.

- Bubbles can be messy and the kids will more than likely get a bit wet. If paired with face painting in a party package, be sure to get photos of the art before the bubble play comes out (usually at the end of the party) or you can request we start with bubbles instead.

What is a 'Bubble Show'?

When we mention Bubble Shows, we are referring to a live demonstration of bubble tricks. The guests will be seated during this time and while there are some interactive elements, it is not a 'hands on' activity like Giant Bubble Play. 

Some of the tricks we may show the guests are: 

- Hand bubbles

- Smoke bubbles

- Spinning bubbles

- Bouncing bubbles

- Bubble worms

- Bubble chains

- Giant bubbles

- Bubbles inside of bubbles

- The 'slinky' bubble trick

Things to take into consideration when booking a bubble show:

- For the tricks to work the best we require the set up to be indoors so no gusts of wind can cause the bubbles to disburse. This includes not having fans/air-conditioners running and open windows/doors during the demonstration. We can place a waterproof tarp down so the bubbles don't get your floors wet though!

- Parental supervision will be required to make sure the children do not try and pop the bubbles during the show. There will be time at the end for bubble popping but we kindly ask that you help with reminding the kids to remain seated during the demonstration.


How many balloons can you twist in an hour?

I can twist an average of 20 balloons per hour

with the current list of designs I offer at parties:

- Parrot

- Dog

- Ladybug

- Turtle

- Snake 

- Bunny

- Sword

- Octopus/Squidward

- Dinosaur (Stegasaurus or T-Rex)

*To keep up with the demand for speed I have settled with these designs I can confidently twist efficiently. 

What gift is included in the Party Packages?

The gift we give the birthday child is dependent on the character chosen for the party, age of the child and stock availability but here are some examples:

Fairy - a pair of organza fairy wings

Frozen - a snowflake necklace

Unicorn - a unicorn headband

Mermaid - a mermaid necklace and wishing dust

Princess - a princess tiara

Explorer - a pair of binoculars

Pirate - a pirate hat

Paw Patrol - an LED character bracelet

Bluey - a 'magic asparagus' toy

Woodland - a deer antler headband

Superhero - a handheld bubble machine

If you'd like to know what gift will be given on the day please feel free to ask and  we can confirm with you. 

For joint birthday parties, additional gifts may be purchased. Please let us know if you would like to add an extra one on so we can avoid any disappointment.


How do I pay? Do you take deposits?

When your booking is confirmed I will email you your invoice which will have my bank details at the bottom. You can pay via bank transfer up until the day before the party and no deposit is required.

*You may pay cash on the day for bookings with me (Tayla), however transfers are preferred.

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