Meet Our Original Characters


Fairy Lavender - New

As a flower fairy, it's Lavender's job to take care of and grow all the botanical life in the Fairy Land. When she's not tending to the flowers, she can often be found eating blueberries (Which are quite large to a fairy), sewing new clothes made of plants she foraged or sipping her fairy-made lavender tea.

Fairy Lavender - Original

When Fairy Lavender goes to a party she uses her magic to make herself people-sized so she won't get accidentally stepped on by the children, travels through a portal crafted from a hollowed out tree and flies off to the party to spread the magic of smiles!

Fun fact: Fairies (Like a lot of other magical creatures) can change how they look with their magic! 

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Unicorn Princess Opal

Did you know that Opal's true form is a real-life unicorn mare with a flowing rainbow mane? When she travels to our land for parties she transforms into a human...except for the horn, which she needs to be able to change back into her true self (Have you ever tried painting with hooves? We don't recommend it, it's very messy!) As a princess, she is in charge of protecting all the unicorns in and out of the Enchanted Forest as well as creating beautiful rainbows in the sky.

Fun fact: In her spare time, Opal loves laying in the sunshine-filled Unicorn Meadows and nibble on daisy sandwiches.

Princess Tulip

As a Princess of the humans in the Enchanted Forest, it's Tulip's job to make sure there is peace and happiness between all people and magical creatures. She lives in a brilliant palace which overlooks The Sparkling Sea and Unicorn Meadows and is often found playing with her magical friends or reading in the castle library.


Fairy Frost

High up in Fairy Land's Frozen Mountains, in a tiny castle made of ice, lives a fairy dressed in snow white and dazzling silver. Her name is Fairy Frost. As a snow fairy, it's Frost's job to help keep the Frozen Mountains nice and cold, keeping it in an eternal winter wonderland.
When the Fairy Queen made Frost one of her tooth fairies, she fell in love with visiting our world and it's warmer weather. However, since she was born of ice and snow, she can never stay too long or she will surely melt away.


Fauna is half faun, half human and loves to take care of the animals in The Enchanted Forest. She is often seen being trailed by a variety of small creatures like bunnies, squirrels and hedgehogs.  Occasionally she even wakes up to find birds making nests in her hair and antlers!


Captain Scarlet

Upon the Sparkling Seas sails an infamous ship named The Crimson Jewel. Leading its crew is Captain Scarlet, a pirate with a love for treasure hunting and exploring. Be prepared for the never ending shanties about her many adventures if you sail on her ship!


This bubbly superhero uses her amazing inventions and signature bubble mix to fight crime and restore joy to the world wherever her bubbles fly. Will her powers of bubbles be enough to stop Mr. Misery, a supervillain bubble-bent on sapping the city of happiness and imagination?


Trixie the Ringmistress

Roll up, roll up! The circus has come to town and it's being lead by none other than Trixie the Ringmistress! You won't believe your eyes as the most amazing sights unfold!

Zorra the Explorer

No one knows how she does it but Zorra is constantly finding herself in the most wonderful places! From the jungle to the savannah and even back in time to see the dinosaurs, Zorra loves exploring the world and the magnificent animals it holds. With her trusty binoculars and pith hat, Zorra is always ready for her next wild adventure!


Tinselle the Christmas Elf

Up in the North Pole, Tinselle is always hard at work in Santa's Workshop. It's Tinselle's job to paint all of the toys in time for Christmas and she does so with great care and passion. As the Holiday Season comes around however, Santa often sends her to use her skills to paint children's faces and spread Christmas cheer!

Althea the Sorceress 

During most of the year, Althea Altaira Alvara is found practising magic and studying at The Enclave, a school for magic wielders. Some of her favourite past times include using her gift of fire to explore the long forgotten passage ways of the castle, brewing potions and fighting off the monstrous beasts she so often encounters in her adventures. 
When Halloween comes around however, she loves to take a break from magic and transports herself to our world. She exchanges her wand for a brush and celebrates the spooky season by face painting.


Mermaid Gleam

Deep in the Sparkling Sea lives a graceful yet cheeky mermaid named Gleam. She has a passion for all ocean life and strives to educate young guppies on how to take care of their underwater world. During the warmer months, Mermaid Gleam migrates to our world. She is often found sunbaking on warm, sandy beaches or swimming in whatever exciting new waters her magic teleports her to. 

Due to mobility and safety reasons, Mermaid Gleam is not available for face painting. However, she does have her own mermazing party packages and is available for other appearances and events.

Check out the Mermaid Gleam page for more information.


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